Your hair never takes a break. As you take the time you deserve to rest and recharge, your hair is still braving the elements and powering through. No matter who you are, where you live or what lifestyle you lead, every gorgeous head of hair can benefit from a conditioning hair treatment. At Suki Hair, we offer a range of conditioning treatments with reputable brands, including Kérastase.

A Deep Conditioning Treatment Is Not The Same As Conditioner

You may be using great, salon-quality products as part of your hair care routine (and if you’re not yet, you should be!) Good quality shampoos and conditioners are the first steps in maintaining healthy, great-looking hair. However, hair conditioners can only do so much. A deep conditioning treatment is more potent and reparative than ordinary conditioners, which coat the outer layer of the hair and act as a shield. Conditioning hair treatment penetrates the hair follicles, protecting the hair from the inside out.

How Often Should You Get  A Conditioning Treatment?

Every person has different hair and different hair needs. Hair texture, your lifestyle, hair care routine, how often you use heat on your hair and even where you live can affect the amount of nourishment your hair needs. A reputable salon will be able to advise you what kind of treatment your hair needs and how often you need it.

You May Need A Hair Treatment Even If Your Hair Doesn’t Feel Damaged

Hair suffers damage from everyday life. Your hair may not feel damaged on the outside, but it may have started to deteriorate without you knowing. Regular hair treatments can treat damage before it is noticeable but also prevent damage from occurring in the first place.

Visit Suki Hair For The Best Conditioning Hair Treatment 

At Suki Hair, we use the best products to give you the best hair treatment for your specific needs. With expert stylists to diagnose your hair needs and guide you to the right treatment, your hair will look and feel better than ever before. To get in touch or to make an appointment, call us on +61 2 4929 5077 or visit our website to fill in our convenient online form.