Achieving that high shine, high gloss look as seen in actresses’ hair in movies and advertisements is possible. Your hair is afterall an artwork, and with the use of a hair gloss, otherwise known as a watercolour, achieving that high shine look can be achieved and maintained. Thanks to an affordable hairdresser, hair glossing is the new trend and it is not only turning heads, but is turning one dull hair strand at a time into a shiny one.

Unfortunately, hair dye and highlights don’t last forever. An affordable hairdresser, who is not only qualified but passionate about hair, will recommend a hair gloss treatment. So, what is a hair gloss treatment?


The Impact Of Dye, Without The Commitment 

A hair gloss treatment is a temporary solution to dry, dull, hay-lake brassy colour that comes with lack of maintenance, lack of professional products or protective haircare. The magic of hair gloss treatments brings back that healthy look and that shine and assists with the rejuvenation of shades and the evening of tones and hues. 

As an alternative to hair dye, semi-permanent gloss is the combination of pigment mixed with developer. With many types of hair gloss treatments on the market, those with lighter hair colour or darker can find the necessary gloss treatment for their type and condition. For those sporting the grey fox look, a hair gloss can be used to blend in the colour. For those with light hair, depositing a hair gloss to brighten up the tone of the hair will ensure a shiny, healthy glow. Helping with brassiness and discoloration, a professional hair gloss treatment done by an affordable hairdresser is the best option to get that movie look. 


A Fine-Tune For Any Shade 

Fine tuning your hair with a hair gloss treatment will mean an even, darkened or brightened existing hair colour. It’s not just out-of-the-box standard hair treatment, it’s actually mixed specifically for a client and their specific needs. Creating a subtle difference in the hair but high shine, a hair gloss treatment can be used for brunettes, blondes, redheads and any shade any between. 

Red is one of the colors that fade very fast. Glosses are more frequent depending on how saturated the color is. Dark red or auburn hair tends to need less color, while strawberry blondes need more upkeep. Depending on tone of hair—think of silver-blondes or very pale white—glosses tend to be done more frequently. Darker hair can get away with coloring hair less.

When it comes to the hair gloss treatment, expect to sit in the hairdresser chair for a max 30 minutes. With everyone’s hair boasting different porosity, some tones can grab faster and thicker hair may take longer for the hair gloss to adhere. As a good rule of thumb, and depending on how complicated the color is, getting a hair gloss treatment should be done  every four to six weeks. This is in line with the longevity of the hair gloss treatment, with these treatments lasting as long as a month. 


Ready for that hair shine? That movie glow? Book a seat in one of our chairs at Suki Hair. For more information on our hair gloss treatments and solutions from an affordable hairdresser like us, visit Call for an appointment today on +61 2 4929 5077.

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