In our busy world, we understand that stress can stem from numerous sources. From having a complicated personal life to an exhausting job or challenging medical issues, everything we experience can trigger and worsen stress, leading to various symptoms. One of several factors contributing to types of hair loss is physical stress. You know you may be reaching your stress limit if you notice your hair starting to thin or fall out, even if hair loss doesn’t run in your genes. Suki Hair is a hair stylist in Newcastle that has your health, both mental and physical, at heart.

How Does Stress Lead To Hair Loss?

External life factors such as stress can cause your hairline to thin or lose hair completely. Telogen effluvium is a type of hair loss often associated with stress and can interrupt the process of your hair’s natural growth cycle. Following a stressful event, your hair may fall out rather quickly, leaving you with visible thin patches and fewer growing hairs.

How To Know If Hair Loss Is Related To Stress

When you experience stress-induced hair loss, your hair usually thins out, affecting your entire scalp. If you suffer from telogen effluvium, you usually notice your hair is less dense and thinner normal, particularly in bright light. You can usually tell that hair loss is stress-induced by the appearance of those fallen hair strands, which will have a small, white bulb at its root.

Stress-induced Hair Loss: What You Can Do

Stress-induced hair loss is usually a temporary affliction. The most effective treatment is to reduce or eliminate stress from your lifestyle. If you’re particularly concerned about your stress levels or recent hair loss, it’s best to see a healthcare professional.

In addition, it’s always wise to incorporate some anti-hair loss products into your hair care routine. From fortifying shampoos to stimulating scalp treatments, investing in hair care products made for hair loss is worth every dollar.

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