How important is taking care of your hair? There are lots of types of hair and each can suffer damage from different elements. Conditioners have oils and other ingredients that help keep hair moist and healthy. Investing in a hair conditioning treatment is a powerful way to protect and add shine, bounce and body to your hair.

There are different types of hair conditioning treatments available at any hairdresser salon. At a hairdresser salon in NSW, professionals would employ a hair conditioning treatment depending on the type of hair they are working with.

1. Leave-In Conditioner

Also called no-rinse conditioners, these conditioners are applied at a hair salon Newcastle NSW after the wash but before the styling. It works best with dry hair that is coily or curly because it smooths out frizz and detangles hair. It is not a great choice for oily hair, as its thickness could add oil to your hair.

2. Instant Conditioner

This type of conditioner is used to reduce dryness and help with styling. It can help with breakages or split ends and generally it is a leave-in conditioner. It can also increase shine and help hair to maintain sheen and lustre. It is a light product that works best with fine hair.

3. Cream Rinse Conditioner

This type of conditioner, used at any hairdresser salon, is best for fine or wavy hair. It is used to help with the manageability, appearance and feel of the hair. Ingredients allow it to reduce friction between strands of hair. The cream rinse conditioner is thinner than other types and is used as a detangler.

4. Protein Conditioner

Protein conditioners fill in holes or gaps within the hair’s cuticle, which often sustains damage as it is heated and handled. This conditioner creates a layer of protection between your hair and potentially damaging elements. The keratin in this type of conditioner helps to thicken hair and prevents breakage. This type of hair conditioning treatment is thick and should only be used once or twice a month.

5. Moisturising Conditioner

The moisturising ingredients in this conditioner provide nourishment and make the hair easier to handle and manipulate. The oils they contain help to soften and smooth hair. It is best for thick, curly or dry hair as these types need extra moisture.

6. Deep Conditioner

These conditioners are left in longer than others and have a thicker consistency. It is best for hair types that tend to be dry or damaged, like colour-treated, curly or coily hair. It is combed through from mid-shaft through the ends and helps to coat with hair with regenerating agents.

7. Thickening Conditioner

This type of conditioner adds volume to your hair. The ingredients in this conditioner, like collagen and protein, promote healthy new growth and maximise the existing hair’s fullness. Green tea, biotin and caffeine are also ingredients used in thickening conditioners. It is good for all hair types and especially for those with thinning hair.

Your hair is precious and needs to be taken care of. Figuring out what your hair needs is the first step to giving it the attention and care that will help it to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. The next time you need a hair conditioning treatment or any colouring, cutting or styling needs, reach out to the professionals at Suki Hair Salon Newcastle NSW.