Changing your hair colour is one of the best pick me ups you can choose. However, it can be quite daunting if you are unsure about anything and since it is quite a personal change, here are some of the most frequently asked questions: answered, so that you can feel at ease.

Colour suitability depends on lifestyle, skin tones and the condition of your hair. Book a consultation with your hairdresser here in Newcastle if you are ever unsure and want some advice.


  • Will This Damage My Hair?

Permanent hair colour uses a developer that processes colour. If this is not done professionally, it could cause damage to your hair. Semi-permanent and demi-permanent hair colours are suitable options if this is a concern, but they only last for a limited period.


  • Can I Lighten My Hair Without Bleaching Or Stripping?

Depending on whether you have pre-coloured hair or natural hair, in order to go lighter, a high lift colour or lightening powder is needed to remove a darker colour pigment.


  • What Is The Deal With Semi-, Demi-, Or Permanent Hair Colour?

Semi-permanent hair colour contains only a mild developer and only lasts for a limited number of washes. Demi-permanent colour can lighten hair slightly and lasts slightly longer. Permanent hair colour will last until the coloured hair grows out. 


  • Can I Colour My Hair To Cover My Greys Only?

Depending on how grey you are, it is recommended that you colour the full head if you choose full coverage of the grey. Your stylist may recommend a semi-permanent hair colour or foils to blend the greys more effectively.


  • Will It Be Better To Do It Myself?

If this is your first time or a complicated process, especially if you are planning on lightening your hair several levels, using a qualified, professional hairdresser is your best option.


  • When Can I Wash My Hair?

It is recommended that you wait at least 24 – 48 hours before your first shampoo and then wash your hair no more than three times a week after to maintain your colour.


  • How Often Can I Recolour / When Can I Book My Next Appointment?

Talk to your stylist as this is really dependant on the condition and colour of your hair. Colour maintenance is different for each individual. If you would like to discuss personalised colour recommendations, your hairdresser will be able to advise you best.

These have been the eight most commonly asked questions about colouring your hair, but feel free to contact Suki Hairdressing on +61 2 4929 5077 for other queries, or to book your appointment!

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