They may say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but the reality is that your permanent hair colour affects the way you are perceived. While there are obviously millions of examples of personal bias and experiences that affect each individual’s taste, preferences, and preconceived notions about a person, studies have shown a general consensus as to what the expected personality of a person may be based on their hair colour. 

At Suki Hair, we know that each one of our clients are unique, inspired, and beautiful in their own right and we celebrate all hair colours, though it is interesting to look at what those colours may be saying to the world. Are the cliches true?

Red Hair Is Indeed Fiery

As a redhead, you are seen as confident, successful and temperamental. This isn’t simply just a case of “seeing red” though. Redheads have been found to hold more power: in a study conducted on 500 CEOs, it was found that 4% were redheads. Considering the percentage of the general population that are redheads, this is actually quite an impressive and significant figure.

Blondes Do Have More Fun

Blondes are seen as approachable and fun, and while research shows that they are seen as more open, approachable and bubbly, they often also earn more than their dark haired counterparts. 

Black Or Brunette? Your Brain Is The Best

Seen as intelligent, attractive and professional, according to the studies, brunettes have been rated higher for attractiveness and more likely to be hired than other hair colours.

Suki Hair: Trust The Experts With Your Permanent Hair Colour

Our very essence was born from a respect and regard for education. At Suki Hair we believe in empowering our hairdressers and that philosophy has formed some of the finest and most exciting hairdressers to watch with a number of accolades from award winning photographic collections to esteemed titles in the industry. Fresh, energetic and committed, our stylists are world class. Join us for your next cut, style, or permanent hair colour appointment, and enjoy the pampering sensations of exemplary hairdressing and client service. 

Call us today on +612 4929 5077, or e-mail us at If you prefer, you can always use our easy and convenient contact form here. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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