Every business in Australia needs to be mindful of the environment and how to protect it. Sustainable business practices, collectively, can go a long way towards preserving and saving the planet. While providing our clients with the best hair care possible, Suki Hairdressing is also mindful of our impact on the environment and why our salon is a proud member of Sustainable Salons Australia – an organisation vested in making salon waste history.

Keep reading to learn more about our sustainable practices and what Suki Hairdressing is doing to be kind to the environment.

All Team Members Understand the Theory and Function Regarding Sustainability

Every team member at Suki Hairdressing has been educated on sustainability and what’s required to achieve the desired outcomes for our salon and the industry in general. This is vital not only for the hairdressing industry but also for future generations.

For our staff to practice sustainable habits daily, they have been trained in what to do and what not to do, culminating in business practices that align with the vision of Sustainable Salons Australia. We’ve ensured our hair salon is sustainable on every level, and each team member contributes to this at all times.

How We Responsibly Dispose Of Hair Salon Waste

It’s one thing for Suki Hairdressing to claim it makes a point of being sustainable, but what do we do exactly to achieve our desired outcomes?
Let’s break it down.

The hair on the salon floor never goes to waste. It’s collected to make hair booms and transported to Australian ports to soak up oil spills. We also make hair brooms with reusable hair.

Many children in the country live with cancer and alopecia. Rather than the children feeling self-conscious about their hair loss, wigs are made from the ponytail donations that Suki Hair contributes. It’s a small step that helps brighten up these kids’ lives, enabling them to look and feel more normal while going through difficult times.

Rather than merely dumping used paper, plastic, chemicals, tools, and colour tubes, these are collected and sent away for recycling. Every little step helps save the planet and recycling anything that can be reused plays a significant role in sustainability.

Metal is a valuable resource perfect for recycling and can be repurposed for other applications. Therefore, all discarded metals from our hair salon are recycled rather than disposed of in the landfill. This includes metal tools such as old scissors and foils used for hair colouring and cutting. All proceeds go to the not-for-profit organisation OzHarvest, where just four heads of foils can provide one complete meal for someone in need.

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