Changing it up with a new permanent hair colour can be so liberating. Taking the time to choose the perfect colour and finding the right stylist, like Suki Hair, to apply it can be a journey in itself. However, the process shouldn’t end when you walk out of the salon. Keeping your permanent hair colour looking fresh and vibrant takes a little bit of maintenance.

Wait To Wash It

Even if you’re a daily washer, you’re going to want to wait before you wash your hair. Try and let it sit for at least 72 hours to let the colour fully take to your hair as the cuticle layer fully closes and traps the colour molecule.

Use The Right Products

Products created especially for colour treated hair are usually low in sulphates and other ingredients that tend to make colour fade quickly. They also tend to be rich in nourishing ingredients, which helps as the hair becomes more fragile when coloured.

Protect Your Hair

Again, colouring your hair can cause the hair to become more fragile. It’s important to pay a little extra attention to your hair after you’ve coloured it. This includes using masks and treatments regularly and being sure to add protective products before you go swimming to protect your hair from harsh pool chemicals. If you can skip heat styling, that will benefit your coloured hair. However, if you can’t live without your hairdryer, be sure to use a colour-safe heat protector.

Visit A Great Hair Salon To Keep Your Permanent Hair Colour Looking Great

Suki Hair is a top hair salon based in Newcastle. With a team of qualified and experienced professional stylists, there is nowhere better to go to get the perfect permanent hair colour. We proudly specialise in perfectly executed natural tones and are renowned for our coppers and blondes. To get in touch with our world-class salon or to make an appointment, give us a call on +61 2 4929 5077 or visit our website to fill in our convenient online form.