We have all heard of “dressing for success.” So naturally, most of us interpret this as power dressing in your most impactful, confidence-boosting garb. Enter: the power suit. The most fashion-forward and chic of us have been obsessed with the power suit since its first appearance in the 1970’s. The time has come to pair the transcendence of the power suit with hair styling options fit for the most sophisticated individual with the help of the hair styling masters at Suki Hair, Newcastle’s leading hair salon.

What Makes Hair Styling Powerful?

Knowing when to wear a style with loads of volume rather than a chic, slicked back look is half the battle. Here are some key tips to keep in mind:

  • The Key To Power Hair Styling Is Balance

If you are dressed in an outfit with big shoulder pads or a boxy cut, keep your hair sleek rather than voluminous to compliment the look.

  • Keep Away From Fashion Or “Funky” Hair Colours 

Not only can they detract from the impact of the outfit, but many corporate environments look down on or outright forbid unnatural hair colours. Take some time to visit your salon to enrich your hair colour and bring out gorgeous natural tones that compliment your fashion choices.

  • Hair Styling That Fits Your Skills And Lifestyle Is Essential

Leaving the salon with a great cut and phenomenal blow-out is a great feeling, but if you can’t maintain the style at home, what’s the point? Instead, work with your stylist to pick out a hairstyle that you can work with at home with the time and skills you have available.

  • Consider Going Short

A great complement to a menswear-inspired power suit is a fantastically styled short cut. From a sleek urchin to a classic bob, shorter cuts can enhance your facial features and project your natural confidence. It can also negate the need to check your hair or fiddle with it through the day to keep it just so, a real asset to busy women!

At Suki Hair, our elite team of stylists are just the sort of talented and creative visionaries to make your hair styling goals achievable. Our salon is proud to offer some of the industry’s best hairdressers who constantly strive for excellence and offer an exceptional salon experience. If you find yourself ready to make the leap in embracing a powerful hairstyle, give us a call on +61 2 4929 5077 or use our online contact portal for your convenience. We look forward to having you at our salon soon!